Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood Development Plans are voluntary planning policy documents for local communities which help shape the type of developments they want to see in their area.

What are Neighbourhood Plans? 

Neighbourhood planning gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area.

Neighbourhood Development Plans must be in line with the district council's planning policies and must be about enabling rather than restricting development.

We have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions document which provides more information Neighbourhood Development Plans and the process of preparing them. 

Neighbourhood Development Plans FAQs 

What are Neighbourhood Development Orders?

Neighbourhood Development Orders or Community Right to Build Orders are mechanisms by which communities can allow particular development or types of development to go ahead without the need for planning permission:

Neighbourhood Development Orders would directly grant permission for certain specified types of development.

Community Right to Build Orders would enable small scale, site specific development without the need for a planning application

Current Neighbourhood Plan Status

The current status of Neighbourhood Plans within South Kesteven is set out in the drop down boxes below. If an area is not listed then it has not been designated. To apply to designate a neighbourhood area please download the following form - Neighbourhood Forum Designation Application Form

Please return completed forms to

Neighbourhood Plans submitted to SKDC

How can we help?

We will provide information and assistance to local communities who are interested in neighbourhood planning. This will include:

•    advice on the neighbourhood planning process and legislative requirements

•    sharing information and evidence

•    advice on evidence, assessments/appraisal and conformity with the national and local policy framework

If you are thinking about preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan, please contact us to discuss your proposals.

Details of grants and support for neighbourhood planning can be found on the My Community Rights website.

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