The Claypole Neighbourhood Plan

The Claypole Neighbourhood Plan – Adoption 23 November 2023

On the 23 November 2023 South Kesteven District Council formally adopted the Claypole Neighbourhood Plan.  This follows the positive outcome of the referendum held on 5 October 2023, where 95.9% of those who voted were in favour of the plan.  The formal decision statement as required under Neighbourhood Planning Regulations is included in the key documents set out below:

Claypole Neighbourhood Plan- Decision Statement

The adopted version of the Claypole Neighbourhood Plan can be found below.

Claypole Neighbourhood Plan made Version

Claypole Neighbourhood Plan Archive

Regulation 18 - The Claypole Neighbourhood Plan - Referendum 24 July 2023

SKDC has now considered the recommendations within the Final Examination Report and have concluded that the modifications to the Claypole Neighbourhood Plan should be approved, and the Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to referendum within the specified area (in this case Claypole Parish).

A decision statement has been prepared under Regulation 18(2) of the Neighbourhood Planning General Regulations 2012 (as amended) and sets out the Council's response to each of the recommendations in the Claypole Neighbourhood Plan Independent Examiners Report, which was submitted to the Council on the 19 June 2023.

Claypole Neighbourhood Plan - Decision Notice on Examination and Referendum 

The referendum on the Caythorpe and Frieston Neighbourhood Plan will take place on the 5 October 2023. 

Information relating to the referendum including the 'referendum version' of the Claypole Neighbourhood Plan can be found below; 

Claypole Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Information Statement

Claypole Neighbourhood Plan Information Booklet

Claypole Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Version

For further information on the referendum, including information on how to vote please click here

Regulation 17- The Claypole Neighbourhood Plan - Inspectors Report 19 June 2023

After consideration of the clarification note responses, the Independent Examiner has now completed the Examination of the Claypole Neighbourhood Plan and subsequently provided the Final Examination Report to SKDC. The Examination report can be viewed below; 

Claypole Neighbourhood Plan - Examination Report

Regulation 17- Clarification note on the Claypole Neighbourhood Plan 6 March 2023 

The appointed Independant Examiner has sent a 'clarification note' to the Claypole Neighbourhood Plan steering group (on behalf of Claypole Parish Council) which proposed a number of questions in regard to the Neighbourhood Plan and subsequent representations made, this note and the response from the Neighbourhood Plan working group can be viewed below; 

Claypole Neighbourhood Plan Clarification Note

Claypole Neighbourhood Plan Clarification Note -Neighbourhood Group Response 

Regulation 17-The Claypole Neighbourhood Plan Examination 13 February 2023

South Kesteven District Council has now submitted the Claypole Neighbourhood Plan for independent examination. The consultation has now closed, and the Plan is being examined by Inspector Andrew Ashcroft. Formal examination of the Plan began on the 13 February 2023. The examiner has requested that representations submitted to the consultation are published on our website. These can be seen below;

Response 1 - Forestry Commission

Response 2-  NHS Lincolnshire Integrated Care Board

Response 3 - Historic England

Response 4 - Natural England

Response 5 - Lindum Group Ltd

Response 6 - Canal and River Trust

Response 7 - Witham IDB

Response 8 - Environment Agency

Response 9 - Robert Doughty Consultancy

Response 10 - Sport England

Response 11 - South Kesteven District Council 

The examiner will take these responses into consideration and produce a report setting out their findings and recommendations based on the initial assessment of the Neighbourhood Plan, in line with legal and legislative requirements. The report will either recommend that the Neighbourhood Plan is submitted to a referendum, the Neighbourhood Plan is modified and then submitted to a referendum, or that the Plan proposal is refused.

South Kesteven District Council will then consider the report and decide whether it is satisfied with the examiner's recommendations. The Council will publicise its decision on whether or not the plan will be submitted to a referendum, with or without modifications.

If the Neighbourhood Plan is submitted to a referendum then 28 days notice will be given of the referendum procedure and Neighbourhood Plan details. If the referendum results in more than half those voting (i.e. greater than 50%), voting in favour of the plan, then the District Council must adopt the Neighbourhood Plan as soon as possible.

Regulation 16 - Consultation on the proposed Claypole Neighbourhood Plan 7 December 2022 and the 1 February 2023.

The public consultation took place between the 7 December 2022 and the 1 February 2023. 

The consultation documents can be viewed electronically below.

Claypole Neighbourhood Plan - Submission Version

Claypole NP- Basic Conditions Statement

Claypole NP- Consultation Statement

Claypole NP- Map of NP Area

Claypole NP- SEA Screening Report

Claypole NP- HRA Screening Report

Claypole NP - Public Notice


Claypole Neighbourhood Plan - Background Documentation

Claypole NDP - Local Green Spaces Evidence

Claypole NDP- Settlement Built Form Methodology

Claypole NDP- Site Selection Methodology

Claypole NDP- Letter to SKDC


Regulation 16 - Submission of the Claypole Neighbourhood Plan 27 May 2022

The proposed Claypole Neighbourhood Development Plan has been produced by Claypole Parish Council (as the Qualfiying Body) in consultation with residents, businesses, landowners, and other stakeholder organisations. The Neighbourhood Development Plan covers the Civil Parish of Claypole and seeks to guide future development within the identified Neighbourhood area until 2036. The Plan includes a vision, set of objectives and a series of neighbourhood wide policies which will be used in determining planning applications across the Neighbourhood Area.

Claypole Parish Council submitted the proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan and supporting evidence to South Kesteven District Council on the 27 May 2022.

In accordance with the amended Town and Country Planning Act 1990, the District Council has made an initial assessment of the Neighbourhood Plan and the supporting documents and is satisfied that these comply with the specified criteria ( for further information please see the produced Officer Delegated Report). 

Claypole Neighbourhood Plan Decision Notice

Older Documentation - Claypole Neighbourhood Plan

Designation Documents can be found below; 

Claypole Application Form

Claypole Designation Decision Document

Map of the Claypole Neighbourhood Area

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