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Find out about the new Local Plan we are currently developing for South Kesteven

About the Local Plan Review

The current Local Plan for South Kesteven was adopted in January 2020 and sets out the development strategy for growth of the District to 2036. The Inspector's final report on the current Local Plan (2011 - 2036) commits the Council to undertake an early review of the Local Plan from April 2020.  The review enables necessary updates of evidence, including housing and employment need.

The Local Plan Review will set out the planning framework for the District over the next 20 years up to 2041 and will cover issues such as; housing provision, the economy, town centres, infrastructure provision and the environment. It will also set out policies by which planning applications will be determined, in addition to allocating land for housing, employment and retail uses. 

Until the review has been undertaken and a new Local Plan is found sound and adopted by the Council, the current Local Plan (2011 - 2036) will continue to be the development plan for the District and used in determining planning applications.

Local Plan Review Stage 

Proposed Date

Commencement of Document Preparation

Commenced: April 2020

Issues and Options + Call for Sites Consultation (Regulation 18)

Completed: 12 October - 23 November 2020

Draft Consultation on Local Plan Review ( Regulation 18)

Winter 2023/24

Pre Submission Consultation (Regulation 19)

Summer 2024

Submission to the Secretary of State (Regulation 22)

Winter 2024/25

Public Examination (Regulation 24)

Winter 2024/25 - Winter 2025/26

Inspector's Report (Regulation 25)

Winter 2025/26

Adoption (Regulation 25)

Spring 2026

Please note that all dates within the table are subject to change.


Local Plan Review Consultations

Current and previous consultations on the Local Plan Review

Issues and Options Consultation (2020)

The first stage of public consultation on the new Local Plan

From Monday 12th October 2020 to Monday 23rd November 2020 the Council held an Issues and Options consultation to inform the review of the Local Plan. This was the first opportunity for the local community to become involved in the preparation of the Local Plan review.

The Issues and Options was a statement of intention as to what planning policies may need to be reviewed or updated. The consultation asked a series of questions to help the Council determine the scope and content of the Local Plan review. The Issues and Options document can be found below

Issues and Options Document

Sustainability Appraisal Report

Outcomes of the Issues and Options consultation

The Issues and Options consultation proved to be successful in generating interest and gathering views to underpin the next steps of the review of the Local Plan. As a result of the consultation over 1600 responses were received from 124 respondents.

Consultation Statement

Appendix 1 - Full Representations

Appendix 2 - Representations and Officer Responses

Call for Sites (2020)

This stage in the Local Plan process is to identify what land is available for potential development within the district.

Site Submission Information 

Submissions of potential sites were made between October 2020 and September 2022.

The Council is not accepting any further sites at present.

The Council has now begun the assessment for suitable sites to be included within the Local Plan Review, which will be subject to consultation as part of the draft Local Plan Review at a later date.

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