Backdating your benefit claim

You can apply in some circumstances to backdate your claim.

Your claim for benefit normally starts from the Monday after we receive your claim. However, you can ask for your claim to start from an earlier date. You can only ask for your benefit to be backdated if there is a reason or `good cause` why you were unable to apply for your benefit earlier.

Examples include:

  • illness with no-one to make a claim on your behalf

  • misunderstanding about what you could claim

  • delay in claiming after leaving hospital

  • recent family bereavement

If you are receiving your State Retirement Pension, the maximum period that your claim can be backdated for is three months

If you are under 66 years of age the maximum period your housing benefit claim can be back dated is one month. 

The maximum period a claim for Council Tax Support can be backdated is 6 months.

Please note special rules apply relating to whether or not an applicant is claiming income support or job seekers benefit.

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