Special Controls on development in conservation areas

There are stricter controls over development and works to trees within conservation areas.

The legislative framework for guiding development in conservation areas is provided by the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. Work that is otherwise classed as permitted development may require planning permission if the property is within a conservation area.

Planning applications for developments in conservation areas should give full details of what is being proposed.  Outline applications will not provide sufficient information. 

Proposals for development in a conservation area have to preserve or enhance the appearance of the area. 

Planning permission is required for the total or substantial demolition of any unlisted building within a conservation area. Please contact the council's Conservation team if you are considering demolishing any buildings in a conservation area.

Stricter controls apply in conservation areas for extensions and alterations to houses and development on the land immediately surrounding the property, such as domestic gardens and other attached land.

Please contact the council to discuss your proposal if you are contemplating works within a conservation area.

Trees in conservation areas 

All trees within a conservation area with a stem diameter of 75mm or greater, regardless of whether they are covered by a Tree Preservation Order, are protected by law.  It is an offence for anyone to undertake any work to a tree in a conservation area without giving the council 6 weeks prior written notice.  The notice period is for the council to decide if the tree(s) should be protected from the proposed work by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

If you are considering carrying out any work on trees in a conservation area, please contact us first.

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