Conservation areas

Conservation areas have a legal status as areas "of special architectural or historic interest. Their character or appearance is desirable to preserve or enhance".

Our powers to designate a conservation area means we recognise and conserve the unique quality and special interest of part of our district by designating and undertaking periodic appraisals of conservation areas.

Stamford was the first urban conservation area to be designated in England in 1967.

There are currently 48 conservation areas in South Kesteven.

We are currently undertaking a review of all our conservation areas and producing up to date conservation area appraisals.

The Conservation team can:

  • give owners and occupiers of listed buildings  advice and guidance on how to maintain, repair and alter them in a sympathetic manner

  • provide guidance on the design of new buildings and structures in or near conservation areas and listed buildings

  • monitor the condition of listed buildings and conservation areas and take enforcement action to protect them when needed

  • review and prepare conservation area appraisals and management plans and designate new conservation areas where appropriate

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