Grantham Townscape Character Assessment

Grantham Townscape Character Assessment

This is a toolkit to ensure that the origins, local distinctiveness and historic evolution of the town are always taken into account when making decisions about future development in Grantham and adjacent villages.

The Grantham Townscape Character Assessment utilises a sound understanding of the origins and historic evolution of the town to inform future decisions about development within and to the edges of the town. It aims to define a Granthamian identity in terms of people and places which have contributed to the creation of Grantham's 'sense of place' and local distinctiveness. The Townscape Character Assessment also looks at public art and building materials which contribute to the unique values of the town.

Townscape is defined as the combination of buildings and the spaces between them and how they relate to one another to form the familiar and cherished local places within the town and its wider context.  

The Townscape Assessment includes a critical analysis and assessment of:

  • architectural styles and periods of building

  • construction materials used in buildings, pavements, roads and parks

  • public art

  • the use of buildings and how they contribute to the character of a particular area

  • key views to landmark buildings and historic buildings or places such as parks

  • opportunities for improvement through better management  or re-development         

The study includes the adjacent villages of Barrowby, Great Gonerby and Manthorpe, and the wider landscape surrounding the town of Grantham.

Please contact us to request a copy of the townscape assessment report.

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