Starting a food business

If you are reading this page, you are conscientious about food hygiene and safety. In most cases livelihoods and reputations are at stake and ever has it been more important for food business operators to do things correctly.

When planning to open a new food business, getting it right at the planning stage will prevent problems later on.

Register your food business (you must do this by law 28 days before trading)

Businesses which sell food on a regular basis (whether for profit or not) must register with us.

Click here to register online

Free online advice

Licensing: Click here

Applicable if you sell hot food between 11pm - 5am, operating in a street or lay-by, sell alcohol or provide facilities for gambling.

Planning referral: Click here

Where premises usage has changed, extract ventilation installation, alterations to existing premises etc.

Food Standards Agency: Click here

For online advice concerning food hygiene and safety.

Health & Safety Executive: Click here

Visit here for to find out how to protect you and your employees.

Trading Standards: click here

For advice regarding food labelling and other trading standards matters.

Fire safety:  click here

Fire protection advice relating to businesses and places of assembly.

Food business support services - remove the guesswork from food safety compliance. Save time and hassle by getting things right first time.

We offer a range of services including:

  • New food business advice consultations
  • On-site staff workshops and training sessions
  • Food hygiene rating scheme re-scores
  • A food hygiene check-up
  • Printed materials including a food safety organiser and SFBB packs

The following document below details a range of support services designed to help you get the best possible start, achieve and maintain a 5 rating. 


How the Council goes about regulating Food Safety

Find out how the SKDC Environmental Health team delivers its food, health and safety function:

SKDC Food Health & Safety Workplan 2023-24

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