Request a repair to your council property

If you are a council tenant and something is broken or not working properly in your home, you can request a repair online.

To request a repair online, please click on the button above. 

How do I report my gas boiler or fire for repair?

Gas leaks

If you smell gas inside or outside your home you should immediately call National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 any time, day or night.

Gas boilers and fires

For repairs to all gas boilers and fires supplied by SKDC, please call 01476 40 60 80 during normal working hours and select the 'repairs' option, or out of hours call 01476 59 00 44.

Take a look at our booklet below for further information on  repairs, our service standards and easy steps to maintain your home

Tenants' handbook - Repairs to your home

Take a look at our Rechargeable Repairs Policy below for details of when we will recharge a tenant to recover the cost of repairing fixtures or fittings to a property in its ownership.

Rechargeable Repairs Policy

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