Housing Stock - our Fire Safety position

Following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower in June 2017 the Council would like to reassure all residents about its approach to fire safety, smoke detection and work being carried out on their properties.

There are no tower blocks in South Kesteven but the incident is a reminder of the ever-present danger of fire.

Therefore the Council is reminding residents about fire detection and prevention methods regularly, including the importance of checking smoke alarms.

Its teams are reinforcing and reiterating this and other safety messages, both in person and via articles in its tenant magazine, Skyline.

After the incident, the Council immediately checked its housing stock in line with being a Registered Provider of social housing and reviewed the arrangements in place to manage risks from fire.

Fire Safety

The latest Fire Risk Assessments were completed by the Council's teams in January and February 2017 covering communal areas that form escape routes from flats.

It has regular fire safety audits from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue on our 19 sheltered schemes which include checking the current Fire Risk Assessment and the testing of alarms, emergency lighting, evacuation procedures, checking emergency exits and signage. The most recent of these was carried out on June 16, 2017.

All audits carried out on the sheltered schemes have been awarded "broadly compliant" which is the highest level awarded and the Council is provided with an audit report detailing any issues for action.

All of the common areas of its domestic flats and flats in sheltered schemes are managed by the Council's housing team to ensure that they are compliant with current legislation which includes ensuring areas are free from rubbish, testing of emergency lighting, ensuring any fire plans are displayed along with clear guidance to residents.

Smoke Detection

As a social landlord the Council has in recent years fitted smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and heat detectors where appropriate and encouraged tenants to do the same.

This programme also includes a pre-survey of the property as many properties currently have smoke alarms fitted either through a rewire, the fire service, lifeline or the tenants own. 

External works to properties

The technical specification of external wall cladding through the Council's investment programme has been assessed to confirm how it might respond in the event of a fire.

It uses an insulation and render system, which achieves a 'Class O' fire rating, designed to prevent the spread of fire.

In practise this means the work involves bonding rigid insulation panels directly to the outside of the properties, a method that does not create a cavity. Further layers are then applied, including a final non-combustible, cement-based render.

What you can do stay safe?

Fire safety is everyone's responsibility so the Council asks all residents in South Kesteven to follow these tips to stay safe at home:

  • Install smoke alarms in your home and make sure you replace their batteries

  • Take care when cooking, most fires start in the kitchen

  • Never leave unattended candles burning

  • Make sure cigarettes are properly extinguished

  • Take responsibility for rubbish and make sure it's disposed of appropriately

  • Know your escape routes should they be required in an emergency - and make sure everyone who lives in your home knows how to escape

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