Bin and bag services

Within our district we offer households a variety of bin and bag services

Bin and bag services are listed below.

  • Report a damaged bin

  • Report a missing bin

  • Request bins for a newly built property 

  • Request bags for a newly built property

  • Swap from bins to bags

  • Swap from bags to bins

  • Return a green bin

  • Report a missed bag delivery

  • Request additional recycling bags

  • Change your bin size (You must meet the criteria listed below to qualify for a larger bin)

Important information before you apply

We also can offer large families the opportunity to purchase a larger capacity black bin.

Each household is provided with one 240 litre black and one 240 litre silver bin.

You can request a larger black bin if you meet the following criteria.

1.    5 or more permanent residents living as a family at a single address. (This does not include houses in multiple occupancy)

2.    You must be willing to have a visit to your property to undertake a waste audit of your current black bin usage, to ensure that the maximum level of recycling is being done.

If you meet the criteria above, you will need to complete an application form and make payment before your bin will be issued.

To purchase a larger black bin the cost will be £49 plus £10 delivery charge. 

There is a £10 delivery charge for larger silver bins.

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