Request an assisted waste collection

This service offers help for people who are unable to put their waste out for collection.

We provide both a permanent and temporary assisted collection service. This service is for households where no resident at the property is able to put the waste out for collection because of frailty, disability or ill health.

After you apply for assisted collections, you will be visited by a waste advisor whom will assess your needs and identify your eligibility for assistance and the best way that it can be given. 

If you have any of the following documents it will help to have them to hand when the advisor visits:

  • Record of being registered disabled, for example blue badge, DLA letter;

  • A letter from a carer, health professional or someone who regularly visits to care or help you in your home;

If you are found to be eligible for assisted collection it is your responsibility to ensure access to your property is available from 7.30am on the day of your collection to ensure your bins or bags are collected.

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