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1. Do I have to leave when my notice expires?

If you have no where to go when your notice expires then legally, no you do not have to leave. Your landlord would need to apply for a possession order through the courts followed by an eviction order. The eviction order has a date and time on when a bailiff will attend to change the locks. This is when you would need to leave the property. The cost of these orders may be passed to you.

2. What is the rent deposit scheme?

This is a scheme for people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. We can look at assisting with the deposit and the rent in advance for a privately rented property. The deposit is usually in the form of a paper bond instead of a cash deposit. The rent in advance is an interest free loan to you paid straight to the landlord/agent.

You would need to complete a 'Request for Housing Advice' form and a budget statement to ensure the property is affordable and that you can afford to pay back the loan from the Council.

To be eligible you cannot have any housing related debt such as rent arrears, council tax arrears or housing benefit overpayments. If you have arrears that you are paying off through a payment plan you may still be considered for the scheme. You will need to have lived in the district for 6 months or be working in South Kesteven.

The scheme may be available for rough sleepers without a connection to our area if they have been verified as rough sleeping by the P3 charity outreach team.  Customers fleeing violence and those leaving the armed forces may not need to fulfil the criteria for living or working in the district.

The scheme is not available for deposits on Housing Association properties.

3. I have fallen behind with my mortgage and could lose my home.

We can look at the circumstances as to why the arrears have accrued. There could be a possibility of negotiating with your mortgage company, maximising income or looking at support for mortgage interest. We would look at all options to try and prevent you losing your home.

4. What agencies can I speak to for more help?

This would depend on what help is required. The Citizens Advice Bureaux, P3 charity and Shelter charity provide housing related advice and support.

5. I want to leave my partner but we have a joint mortgage/tenancy, can I leave my home?

Unless there is some kind of violence/ abuse then no one should leave the home until they find themselves alternative accommodation to move to.  You are both legally entitled to remain in the home. Although we appreciate this could be awkward, neither person is homeless.

6. I haven't got a tenancy agreement and I have been asked to leave the property?

By law, you do not need to have a written tenancy agreement. If there is no agreement the tenancy is known as periodic tenancy from the start. If the tenancy started after October 2015, the notice is only valid, if it gives at least 2 months notice in line with the rental agreement; whereas a notice for a tenancy which started prior to October 2015 requires just 2 months. Since 2015 this has to be on a section 21 6A form. Prior to this it can just be a letter from the landlord.

7. If my council property has to have major works done to it will you put me in temp accommodation?

If you are a council tenant, decant accommodation would need to be provided by Housing Management. This is sometimes a void property that can be used. If this is not possible it could be a B&B or a temporary accommodation unit if there is one available.

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