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Why are you charging for collection?

The collection of green waste is a discretionary service. Many councils charge for garden waste collections and it ensures that only those residents that use the service pay for it. 

How much does the scheme cost?


Service Period



Annual collection charge (first bin) 

April 2024 - March 2025


Annual charge is the same for all customers





Annual collection charge (additional bins) 

April 2024 - March 2025







Provision of new green bin (all new or additional bins)

April 2024 - March 2025



Delivery of new green bin *

April 2024 - March 2025


* please note this is per delivery, not per bin

Do I have to pay?

No, the service is entirely optional. If you don't want the service, then you do not need to do anything. If you have not paid by 1 April 2024, the council will not collect your green wheeled bin if it is left out for collection. However, you can join the scheme at any time, so it is important that you keep your green bin in case you change your mind.

Can I join the scheme part way through the year, and would I get a discount?

You can join the scheme until November but the full annual charge for joining the service is payable regardless of joining date.

If you do not already have a green bin you would need to buy one when you join the scheme.

How do I pay?

The easiest way to register and pay for your green bin is to visit online.

What happens if I move house in South Kesteven?

Please take your green wheeled bin with you to your new home in the district. However please also contact us to allow your details to be changed to ensure that your collections will continue. If you are moving out of the district there is no refund offered for the remainder of the charged period.

My green bin is damaged - will I be able to have a new one?

Yes, although there is a charge of £28 unless the damage has been caused by the collection process. Please contact us via the Report a damaged bin link to arrange payment and delivery.

What do I do with my garden waste if I don't want to pay for my green bin?

We hope you feel that the charge represents good value compared to the time and trouble of going to the household waste recycling centre. However, if you do not want a green bin you will need to make your own arrangements to dispose of garden waste by either home composting it, or taking your garden rubbish to one of the household waste recycling centres.

I don't want a green bin, can I put my green waste in my black bin?

No, you cannot. Your black bin may not be collected if there is green waste in it. 

How will you know who has paid?

Residents that have paid for their green wheeled bin will be issued with a special sticker which they will stick on the bin. The electronic system in the cabs of our lorries also has details of properties who have paid to be part of the scheme. The council will keep records of who has paid and will only be collecting bins from those. Once you have joined the scheme, please place the sticker we send you onto the back of your green bin as shown below.

Can my garden waste be collected from my door?

If you are eligible for our assisted collections scheme (because you have difficulties moving the waste), you will also receive assisted collections for garden waste. If you feel you may need this service, please contact us on 01476 406080 to arrange an assessment visit.

What if I'm renting and / or am not responsible for the garden where I live?

Please inform the person responsible for your garden about the charge. They can then make the choice about whether to pay to continue having the garden waste from your property collected.

Are there any concessions?

The charge only covers our costs, so there are no concessionary rates.

Where does my green waste go?

All the green waste collected from across the district is taken to a local composting facility where it is turned into compost that is suitable for agricultural use only.

When is my green bin collected?

Please visit our website to find out your collection day. Calendars that can be printed and kept for reference are also available here. 

Collections are carried out fortnightly throughout the year, except for the winter months of December to February, when collections are carried out once a month.

What can be placed in the garden waste bin?

See our list of what you can and can't put in your garden waste bin

For further information, please contact us

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