Other discounts and support

Other discounts and support

Discounts for disabled people

If there is someone (adult or child) living in a household who is substantially and permanently disabled, the council tax bill may be reduced.

The council will grant a reduction for council tax providing the following features are present at the property:

  • a room other than a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory which is predominantly used (whether for providing therapy or otherwise) by and is required for meeting the needs of the disabled person

  • a bathroom or kitchen which is not the only bathroom or kitchen within the dwelling and is required for meeting the needs of the disabled person

  • sufficient floor space to permit the use of a wheelchair required for meeting the needs of the disabled person and the wheelchair is used within the living accommodation

Please note: the installation of hand rails and/or a stair lift will not qualify for a reduction in council tax.

Severely mentally impaired discount

A person may be disregarded for the purposes of council tax if they are certified by a registered medical practitioner as being severely mentally impaired and is entitled to a qualifying benefit. A person is severely mentally impaired if he or she has a severe impairment of intelligence and social functioning (however caused) which appears to be permanent.

Application form - Severely mentally impaired discount

Care workers and carers discount

A person who is employed to care for an elderly or disabled person or a person who lives with and cares for an elderly or disabled person may be entitled to a discount on their council tax.

Application form - Carers and care workers

Prisoner discount

Persons detained in prison, hospital or any other place under order of any UK Court or a Standing Civilian Court established under the Armed Forces Act 1976 can apply for a council tax exemption or discount except where they are imprisoned for non-payment of Council Tax.

Discount for annexes

On 1 April 2014, a new discount for annexes became available. If the annexe is occupied as part of their main home by the owner of both properties, or the annexe is occupied by a qualifying relative, a 50% discount will apply after any other discount or reduction is applied to the council tax liability.

To apply, download an application form below.

The council has the power to reduce liability for council tax in relation to individual cases that we may determine and/or where no other discount or exemption applies. The guidance can be found here:

For further information on discounts available and how to apply, please take a look at our council tax guide or contact us

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