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Information on last year's progress, our carbon reduction targets and our action plan.

Our Carbon Reduction Targets

We plan to reduce our carbon emissions from Council operations by at least 30% by 2030. Our Climate Action Strategy includes a three-part framework for this: short term (2023-2025), medium term (2025-2030) and longer term (2030 and further).

Each year South Kesteven District Council publishes a dashboard showing our carbon emissions for that 12 month period, which includes the use of gas and electricity, emissions from the vehicle fleet and operation of our Leisure Centres.

The 2021/22 financial year saw a decrease in carbon emissions of 14.23%, or an overall reduction in 1082 tonnes of carbon compared to the baseline.

The operation of our leisure centres saw a significant reduction of over 25%. Significant reductions were also seen in electricity used in the Council's buildings of over 33%. This can be attributed to both a reduction in total kilowatt hours of energy consumed, as well as the national supply of electricity continuing to decarbonise as more renewable sources of energy contribute.

However, fuel consumption from the Council's fleet of vehicles increased slightly as well as a modest increase in carbon emissions associated with gas used in the Council's property portfolio. Business travel has also bounced back to a pre-pandemic level.

While some important reductions of carbon emissions have been seen in select categories, the Council should continue to look for opportunities in the short and longer terms to ensure a downward trajectory towards our declared carbon reduction target.


Our Progress Last Year

We reported a reduction in carbon emissions from Council buildings and our fleet of vehicles of 14.23% last year.

Over 150 Council owned properties have received upgrades to low-carbon heating systems which will make homes warmer and reduce energy costs for tenants.

Fifty new trees were planted within Council managed open spaces in Grantham, Stamford, Bourne and Market Deeping.

Major ecological improvements were implemented for 14 areas of North and South Kesteven in a major partnership project - as well as delivering and improving habitats in or near the river, the project connected communities and provided health benefits for residents.

Published Reports

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