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SKDC is pleased to announce that the 4th phase of the Household Support Fund has now opened. The Fund provides financial support to residents across the district that are struggling financially. Financial assistance will be in the form of vouchers to assist with food/utilities.

We are aiming to assist those that are most in need and the following eligibility Criteria has been put in place to assist with this to occur.

You can ask to be referred into our Cost of Living Team for support by contacting our customer service team on 01476 406080.

Residents must meet at least one of the following criteria to meet eligibility:

  • Applicants who have not received financial assistance from the Household Support Fund during the period December 2022 to March 2023.

  • Applicants that have not received a cost-of-living payment due to not being in receipt of a qualifying benefit.

  • Households with unpaid Caring responsibility.

  • Households with outstanding rent arrears, council tax arrears or utility arrears that have put payment arrangements in place.

  • Households that have been referred from a trusted third-party organisation with whom the applicant is currently being offered support.

  • Pensioners in receipt of state pension that do not qualify for Pension Credit and receive minimal /no private pension.

  • Applicants who use medical equipment that require the use of additional electricity.

  • Households who have previously received the Cost-of-Living payment will only be eligible to apply if they have experienced a one-off event within the past six months which has put them into financial hardship.

SKDC will also be working with Lincolnshire Community Foundation to support with the delivery of the fund. Details of which will be updated shortly.

We appreciate that not all households will be eligible for support however the government has put a number of schemes in place to offer assistance.

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