We do not own or operate any of the allotments in our area, but our local town and parish councils do administer and manage them.

 If you want to know if there are any allotments in your area, please contact your local parish council

or your local town council:

In the Grantham area there are allotment associations at:

  • Bridge End Road Allotment Association (back of garages on Somerby Hill)  Map Link

  • Harrowby Allotment Association (top of Princess Drive) Map Link

  • Huntingtower Allotment Association (back of Huntingtower Road) Map Link

  • Inner Street Allotment Association (Inner Street/Riverside) Map Link

  • Barrowby Road Allotment Association (under bridge) Map Link

  • Gasworks Allotment Association (Harlaxton Road) Map Link

  • California Gardens Allotment Association (Maltings Lane) Map Link

*Contact details and information about joining can be found on the notice boards at each allotment site. 

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