Organising an event on SKDC land: Community events and street parties

Guidance on what you will need to consider when organising a public event.

You need to apply to us for all public events which you wish to hold on open space owned by South Kesteven District Council. 

Please read our guidance and application pack for event organisers before completing your application.

Applications should be submitted to us at least three months before your event or at least six months before a major event, when planning is likely to take some time.  Please be aware we treat each application on its own merit and some events maybe subject to a hire fee.

To make your application, please contact us

What you need to do

For us to grant you permission to hold an event on our land, we need to know that you have assessed all risks and put in place measures and procedures to ensure the safety of your visitors.

It is important that you provide us with the following information when you apply to hold an event:

  • named organiser of the event and their contact details

  • date and timing of the event

  • type of event you are planning

  • how many people are expected

  • details of any special or unusual activities - march, procession, fireworks, adventure activities, aircraft usage, animals including birds/falconry, military displays, weapons, archery, darts, etc.

  • results of any risk assessments that you have carried out

  • if your event is open to the general public

  • details of any ticketing arrangements

  • details of any charges to visitors

  • if your event will take place on the highway

  • if your event will take place in a public area, such as a park, town centre or open space

  • availability of alcohol

  • if the event has been held in previous years

What happens next

We will process your application and advise if this has been approved subject to our conditions of approval.  Further action may be required and in some cases, we or another organisation that has been consulted (i.e. emergency services) may ask you to change some of your plans to improve the safety at the event.

For further information, please submit an enquiry

Community events and street parties

Holding an event can be great fun for you and your community however there are a number of elements to be considered to make your event safe and successful.

It is important to understand your legal responsibilities as an event organiser and you should consider licensing, fire safety arrangements, first aid provision, highway rules and public safety, welfare and protection legislation early in the event planning process.

The Lincolnshire Event Safety Partnership have lots of useful information available on their website to help with your event planning. Here you will find guidance on risk assessments, best practice, templates for event management plans and an event organiser guide.

More information about licensing can be found on our licensing page.

For information about events that may affect the highway and to register an event on the highway, apply for road closures or parking restrictions please visit Lincolnshire County Council’s event registry page.

For more information and to notify Lincolnshire Police about an event please visit their event notification website.


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