Potholes, Road maintenance and reporting

Lincolnshire County Council has a statutory duty to maintain adopted roads and paths. This includes grass verges, potholes and footpaths as well as winter salting of roads.

The essential job of making sure our roads are clear, well lit and safe in normal and hazardous conditions is managed by the Communities Directorate of Lincolnshire County Council.

This includes looking after and maintaining traffic lights, traffic signs, road markings, street lighting, and much more. See further information

Lincolnshire County Council's maintenance services include:

  • potholes

  • road surfacing and patching

  • surface dressing

  • grass verges

  • grass cutting

  • drainage works

  • flooding drains and gullies

  • pavements

  • bus stops and shelters

  • gritting and snow clearance

Found highway defects such as potholes, debris, flooding, signage or obstructed roads?

Report highway defects and make general highway enquiries

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