SKDC Electric Vehicle Charging Points

There are several public charging points in South Kesteven for electric vehicle users.


➢ Welham Street Car Park, Grantham - 4 chargers

➢ North Street Car Park, Stamford - 4 chargers

➢ Burghley Street, Car Park, Bourne - 2 chargers 

➢ Community Centre Car Park, Market Deeping - 2 chargers 


  • The chargers have been installed and are managed on our behalf by Swarco - assistance is available 24/7, 365 days a year, all customer queries should be directed to Swarco. Their number is available on the charger. Customer services contact number is 0208 515 8444.

  • The charge points can be used on both a pay monthly basis using a monthly direct debit or Pay As You Go - the cost of charging is the same whichever option is chosen.

  • Pay monthly requires that the need to download and sign into the smartphone app - available for both Android and Apple devices. Search for Swarco e-connect at to sign up. It is free to join.

  • An RFID card (RFID = Radio-frequency Identification) - is then sent out by Swarco within 1-2 working days to enable usage of the charger

  • To use the charger on a Pay As You Go basis, customers will need to log into, then input their credit card details and follow its instructions.

  • If a customer has any account enquiries or requires assistance at a Charge Point please ask them to contact the 24/7 support desk on 0208 515 8444 or click Support option in the right hand corner of the website or account

  • The charging cost for users is 36p per Kilowatt Hour (Kwh)

  • Customers will need to pay to park, please see car park tariff board for charges. To park in the charging point spaces the vehicle must be plugged in to the charging point.

  • The charge points are available 24/7, enabling residents to park and charge overnight.

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