Silver bin re-collections starting 23 Feb, 2024

South Kesteven District Council has suspended the rejection of contaminated recycling bins to allow the public more time to adjust to a new twin-stream recycling initiative.

Council waste crews will now revisit properties to collect silver bins that were rejected this week, with the return visits starting tomorrow (Friday, February 23rd). Residents are asked to put their silver bin out only if it was previously rejected and leave it out until it has been collected.

The Council thanked all those who have responded positively to the changes to collections of mixed dry recycling in the silver bin, and separate dry paper and card collections in the new purple-lidded bins, and has urged them to continue putting the Right Thing in the Right Bin to maximise recycling.

The number of correctly presented bins at the start of this week was in line with expectations but, alongside that, there were incidents of verbal abuse being aimed at waste crews and call-handlers at the Council which were wholly unacceptable.

Under the twin-stream scheme households are being asked to place clean and dry paper and cardboard in their purple-lidded bins, while items such as plastic tubs and bottles, glass, tins and cans still go in the silver bin for recycling.

Residents are reminded that tissue paper and takeaway packaging cannot be recycled in either purple-lidded or silver bins, and that soft plastics such as crisp packets, film wrapping, bags cannot be recycled at home and should either be recycled at supermarkets, or placed in the black bin.

The SKDC joint Cabinet Members for Environment and Waste, Cllrs Rhys Baker and Patsy Ellis, said: “Unfortunately, just because something has the recycling logo on it, this doesn’t mean it can be processed by our facilities. These can be taken to Household Waste Recycling Centres and some supermarkets and shops, where batteries can also be left.

“We don’t want to leave any bins unemptied and recognise that householders may need more time to familiarise themselves with the new guidance. We will continue to work with them to help ensure the Right Thing goes in the Right Bin and that is why we have taken the temporary measure of suspending the rejection of contaminated bins.

“It is also important to say that any abuse of Council staff – either waste crews or office-based call-handlers – is completely unacceptable and the temporary measure of suspending rejection of contaminated bins will also allow for a period of calm.”

All bin collections will continue to take place as scheduled.

South Kesteven is the fifth district in Lincolnshire to adopt twin-stream recycling.

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