Stray dogs and re-homing

Report or re-claim a stray dog.

To report a stray dog, please complete our online enquiry form by clicking on the button above.

Only stray dogs that have been detained can be collected by South Kesteven's stray dog collection contractors.

Please note that collection of a stray dog may take up to 4 hours depending on the contractors availability at the time of the request.

This service is available from 8am until 10pm, requests after 10pm will be scheduled for next day collection.

See our stray dog web page for current pictures of stray dogs collected and details of how to re-claim your lost dog.

View stray dogs is an internet based dog registration scheme which actively helps you find your dog, it also informs you of other missing dogs in your area as they are reported missing.

If you have any enquiries regarding stray, lost or re-homing of dogs then please contact the Environmental Protection Team by emailing

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