Single person discount

A discount will be applied when only ONE adult lives in the property.

Please read these notes before applying for discount.

This form is to be used when only ONE adult lives in the property.

The council will grant a discount (25%) where the following conditions apply at the property. The full Council Tax assumes that there are at least two adults living in a property. If only one adult lives in a property as their main home, the Council Tax will be reduced by a quarter (25%).

If awarded, the single person discount will apply for as long as the circumstances remain the same. You should advise the council of any changes. The council will, from time to time, check that the circumstances remain the same.

The property may require inspection by the council to determine that the conditions apply.

For council tax purposes, a person who is temporarily absent from a property is deemed to be still living at the property because it must be regarded as their main place of residence throughout the period of absence.

A single occupancy discount cannot be applied in this case.

If the person is leaving their main home temporarily to work in another area and expects to be paying Council Tax there, they can contact the Local Authority and claim a Second Home discount in that area.

Please note you can also use the form button above to end the discount and notify us of changes.

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