Garden fires and bonfires

Report garden fire and bonfire complaints online.

During the covid19 pandemic, more than ever we are urging people to be considerate to their neighbours and avoid having garden bonfires as smoke from bonfires may aggravate existing respiratory conditions or have an adverse impact on those with symptoms of covid19.

We advise residents to

  • Compost garden waste as much as possible
  • Use the Lincolnshire County Council household waste recycling centres
  • Use the council's garden waste service click here

We investigate complaints about residential premises. You can report garden fires and bonfires to us online, please click on the button below.

We need the address where the smoke is coming from, the person responsible (if known), how it is affecting you and how often it occurs. 

It is recommended that before you report this to us that you have a discussion with those responsible.

How will my complaint be dealt with?

In the first instance we will write to the occupant and offer advice. People are sometimes unaware of the problem they are causing. We may ask you to keep a diary about an ongoing issue.

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