Planning advice

We offer a pre-application advice service which can help you; from concept and construction through to completion.

General planning advice

The council operates a "Duty Planning Officer" system whereby planning officers take turns to provide basic informal advice and guidance on your planning proposals.

The Duty Planning Officer is available to give advice on:

  • the completion of application forms
  • the relevant fee for any given application or proposal
  • general advice on the planning process
  • interpretation of drawings submitted by others e.g. by your neighbour

Please note that it will not be possible to state what the likely outcome of any application will be and any informal advice given cannot bind the authority as to the eventual outcome of the application.

Duty officers are not able to offer any formal advice about whether or not a proposal may require planning permission. For more information on this, please see our 'Do I need planning permission?' page >>

Visitors seeking an informal opinion on a development proposal will be expected to bring drawings, photographs and any other illustrative material with them to help us understand the proposal.

Pre-application advice

We consider pre-application discussions to be of significant benefit to the applicant through by highlighting planning issues and requirements at the earliest possible stage.

Pre-application discussions provide greater certainty for applicants and developers about the likely outcome from the planning process. They also help to improve the quality of design, encourage greater public consultation and enable the council to process planning applications more quickly.

We welcome and encourage discussions before those proposing development submit an application for planning permission.

So that we can provide this service to a consistent and high standard, there is a fee payable.

pdf icon Pre-application procedure [114kb]

Pre-application fees and charges

The pre-application advice route cannot be used to establish whether or not planning permission is required for a proposal.