Homeless or at risk of losing your home

We assist people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

Our first priority is to try and prevent people becoming homeless.

Keeping you in your home

If you have not yet lost your home, we may be able to help you remain there, by helping you negotiate with a mortgage lender or landlord.

Can we help you?

We will count you as homeless if you don't have anywhere to live or you're likely to lose your home within 28 days.

If you're homeless or about to lose your home, we can help you:

  • to stay in your home, or
  • to find somewhere else to live

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness, we might be able to help you move into a private rented sector property and assist you with the first month's rent and deposit. Find out more >>

Contact us for help

If you need our assistance - it is vital you contact us as early as possible when a housing problem occurs.

If you become homeless outside of office hours please contact us on the Emergency Helpline 01476 59 00 44.

One of our Housing Options Advisors will discuss your housing situation with you. If we are not able to prevent you from becoming homeless, we will guide you through your housing options, one of which may include taking a homeless application.

What is a homelessness application?

We must investigate individual circumstances where a person claims to be homeless or threatened with homelessness. In some cases this may lead to a formal application being taken. From this we can then make a decision about whether we have a duty to provide accommodation for you and your household.

When we look at your situation we need to be satisfied that you are:

  • eligible
  • homeless
  • in 'priority need'
  • homeless through no fault of your own, and
  • have a local connection with the area

You can also get advice about help for homeless people on the Shelter website >>