Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please read our top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for further information on the service.

Why are you charging for collection?

How much does the scheme cost?

Is there a delivery charge?

I have just joined the scheme is there any discount for me?

Will I notice any differences in the day or time you collect?

Can I pay for the collection of more than one bin?

If I join the scheme half way through the year, do I get a discount?

What happens if I move house in South Kesteven?

If I don't have a green bin or would like extra bins do I still have to pay for the actual bin?

My green bin is damaged - will I be able to have a new one?

What do I do with my garden waste if I don't want to pay for my green bin?

I don't want a green bin, can I put my green waste in my black bin?

How will you know who has paid?

Can my garden waste be collected from my door?

Can I share a bin with my neighbour?

What's to stop other people in the neighbourhood swapping my bin with theirs?

What if I live in a flat and have a shared garden?

What if I'm renting and / or am not responsible for the garden where I live?

Where does my green waste go?

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