We want to make sure that people who live, work and invest in our area are involved and included in the decisions we make.

We do this by using the various means we have at our disposal to contact people and ask them to participate. These include use of social media, our publications, databases of service users and our citizens' panel.

We set out how we will do this, our commitments to consultation and the principles we work to in our consultation framework and toolkit.

Get involved and have your say

Our citizens' panel is a group of 1,000 local residents selected to reflect the characteristics of the people who live in the district of South Kesteven as a whole - in terms of gender, age, disability and geography.

About our citizens' panel

The citizens' panel was set up in May 2013 to ensure that the views of local people are included and reflected in the decisions that we make. It has been designed to give local people the opportunity to have their say on lots of different services provided by the council, what they want us to concentrate on going forward and if they think we are doing a good job.

To date we have asked them about our priorities, levels of council tax, our website and the different ways they are able to contact us.

Local people are members of the panel for up to three years. They are contacted by us up to four times a year and asked for their opinions. We might also ask them to attend group discussions to explore issues in more detail.

The feedback we get is presented to service and senior managers and members of the council and is used to help inform the decisions that are made.

We let panel members know the results of the consultations we have undertaken by sending them a newsletter.

If you are over 18, live in this area and would like to join our citizens panel or just want to know more about it, please contact us. 

By email

By phone

01476 40 60 80

Our consultation framework and toolkit  

Our consultation framework and toolkit document underpins the approach we take to consultation. It sets out how we will work with our residents, local businesses and other stakeholders to make sure that they are included and involved in the decisions that we make.

The consultation framework and toolkit document has two sections. Our consultation framework sets out the principles we work to, what we want to achieve and our commitments to consultation. Our consultation toolkit acts as a guide for our residents and other stakeholders so they know how we will do things and what to expect if they are asked to help.

Our updated framework and toolkit for 2017-2020 will be available online shortly. 

Consultation framework and toolkit 2013-2016

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