Local Land Charges Map



The information provided in this online mapping tool is raw data only, which has been extracted from our systems and has not been reviewed or quality checked for accuracy in any way.

Should you require the information to be quality checked and verified, please submit an LLC1 and CON29 search request at a cost of £15 (LLC1) or £207.60 (CON29), which will meet these requirements.


Welcome to the Local Land Charges online map

This site allows you to search for Local Land Charges Register records for South Kesteven District.

You can find records relevant to you by searching for the address - just begin typing part of the address and select it from the drop down list.

Map layers can be selected on the left hand side of the screen by clicking on the box next to the relevant charge.

The result of your search will be visible on the map or as a list on the right hand side.

More in depth instructions on how to use our online mapping can be found here.