It is the responsibility of the householder to protect their property from natural events such as flooding and high winds. Sandbags will not be made available to private dwellings unless under very strict conditions and only in very limited numbers.

  • the council will not provide sandbags to commercial property
  • the council will not provide sandbags to protect unoccupied property where there is no human safety risk
  • the council will 'DURING A DECLARED EMERGENCY*' endeavour to help residential properties with a real risk from flooding by providing filled sandbags, priority will be given to the most vulnerable groups within the community who are least able to provide self-help. During a declared emergency additional resources and/or funding may be available to support a co-ordinated response, with support from Lincolnshire County Council Highways, the Internal Drainage Boards and the Environment Agency 
  • the council maintains a stock of sandbags and may provide sandbags to residential properties 'OUTSIDE OF A DECLARED EMERGENCY*', this will be dealt with on a case by case basis and at the discretion of the district's duty Emergency Planning Officer, with priority given to the most vulnerable groups within the community who are least able to help themselves

* The emergency services will declare an Emergency should they deem it necessary, as defined by the emergency definition of the 2004 Civil Contingencies Act.

The council has a general policy to encourage self-help wherever possible.  Parish councils have been encouraged to play an active role in flood protection, a number of parish councils have been provided with a supply of sandbags for local use.

For responses to other sources of flooding (e.g. rivers, highways, sewers etc.) please see theLincolnshire County Council website >>