Where and when?

The Alcohol and Entertainment Committee and the Licensing Committee usually meet on the first Friday of every month. Meetings are held at other times to hear urgent applications.

Who can speak at meetings?

Opportunities for speaking will vary according to the type of Licensing Committee meeting that is being held. For example, if the hearing is to determine whether to grant or revoke a taxi driver's licence, only people directly related to that review may participate in the meeting.

If the application or review relates to alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment licensing there are more opportunities for interested parties to get involved, reflecting the wider impact of the licence.

Only one speaker for the applicant and one speaker for the town/parish council will be allowed to speak. There is no limit on the number of members of the public who can speak, but if there are several supporters or objectors to an application then they are encouraged to appoint a representative to present a joint case.

Speakers are advised that comments and questions should be limited to "material matters".

How do I give notice of my intention to speak / ask a question?

If you wish to speak at a Licensing Committee or Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Committee meeting, you need to notify the Committee Support Officer, or the relevant Licensing Officer, at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. You can notify us in writing by email or post or you can notify us by telephone. 

Contact us

You must provide the name, address and telephone number of the speaker. All speakers and questions are at the discretion of the committee's chairman.

If you wish to include photographs or any other information as part of your three minute address to the committee, you need to ensure that this information is received, if possible, in an electronic format (e-mail with an attachment, memory stick, or disc) by the Committee Support Officer at least one working day prior to the meeting; and/or written material and/or photographs should be submitted to the Committee Support Officer at least two working days prior to the meeting. Material presented after these deadlines will be accepted at the discretion of the chairman of the committee.

What happens at the meeting?

During the meeting all interested parties are allowed to speak and ask questions of other parties involved in the hearing. Please be aware that if you would like to participate in a hearing, you will need to be prepared to answer questions put forward by councillors, the applicant, the licensing officer or other interested parties (for example, statutory authorities like the police).