Annual canvass

Information about the annual canvass and how to complete the household enquiry form.

What we're doing

From the beginning of August 2016, a form, known as a "household enquiry form" (HEF),  will be sent to every household in the district.  The letter will be addressed to "the occupier" and will contain details of all those in the household who are currently registered to vote.  This form is not a registration form but you do need to respond to it.

What you need to do

The form will ask you to confirm the details of those living at the address and registered to vote are correct.  Anyone living at the address can respond to the form.

Please don't ignore the form.

How to respond to the form

Choose ONE of the options:

1.      Go online to complete the form at You will need the security numbers printed on the form to complete the online form.  

2.      Complete the paper form we sent you and return it using the pre-paid envelope.

If nothing has changed and the details printed on your form are correct, you can also:

3.      Phone 0800 197 9871 to confirm that there are no changes.  You will need the security numbers printed on the form to confirm by phone.

4.      Text NOCHANGE following by both parts of the security numbers printed on the letter to 80212 to confirm that there are no changes. (If nobody is eligible to vote at the address include a reason after your security number e.g. empty, business, 2nd home, other).

You do not have to return the paper form if you have used options 1, 3 or 4.

What happens next?

If you tell us there are new people eligible to be registered, they will each need to register individually.  They can go online to register at If they do not apply online we will send an "invitation to register" to each person you have added.  Each person is required to provide their national insurance number and date of birth when they apply to be registered.

If you tell us someone has moved away, we may need to send a further letter to each individual so that we have confirmation that they have moved away.  This is because we're required to have two pieces of evidence to remove someone from the electoral register.

If you tell us that someone has changed their name, we will send them a further letter to request a copy of their marriage or deed poll certificate to enable their name to be changed on the register.


We will send a reminder where we don't get a reply from a household, and if necessary a further reminder.

Personal visit

If we don't get a reply from either the first form or the first reminder, we will visit your property to try to obtain the necessary information and a completed form.

Legal requirement

It is a legal requirement for the information requested in the household form to be provided.  If you do not give the information asked for in this form you could face a fine of up to £1000.