First Consultation - 28/01/2015 to 17/02/2015

Second consultation - 01/04/2015 to 26/04/2015

  • residents of the Tissington Road estate
  • leaflet drop
  • online survey
  • resident drop-ins
  • properties in and around Tissington Road


The purpose of the Tissington Road public open space consultation was to establish what local residents would like to see on the green space.

Summary of actions

To engage with all residents and inform them of the two consultations, two leaflets (one in January/February 2015 and the other in April 2015) were distributed to the 441 dwellings within the red line catchment area. Given that everyone within the catchment area was informed of the consultation and had an equal opportunity to respond, we are confident that the final design is representative of the desires of local residents.


You said:

During the course of the two consultations, residents expressed specific concern over seating/benches, football/ball games, dogs/dog fouling, maintenance, play equipment, litter/bins, anti-social behaviour, and fencing.

We did: 

As part of the consultation process, we collected the views of everyone who took part; and in selecting a final design we tried include something for everyone. Once the final design was selected, a leaflet informing residents was distributed informing them of the decision and how their views had been reflected in the design. Click here to view the leaflet >>