Silver bin/clear bag

Here is a list of what you can and can't put in your silver recycling bin/pink bag.

We are happy to take as much extra recycling you have, as long as it is not in black bags.

Please ensure that all recyclables are clean before putting in the recycling bin/bag. 

Yes please

Cardboard boxesEgg boxes
Waxed drink containersNewspapers
Wallpaper (unused)Food tins
Microwave meal traysEnvelopes
Pet food tinsFoil trays
Yoghurt potsBooks
Pizza boxesGlass bottles
Aerosol cansButter tubs
MagazinesFood trays
Plastic bottlesDrink cans
Paper and shredded paperFoil 
Ice cream potsJars


No thank you

Here is a list of example items. If you are unsure, please contact us >>

TextilesElectrical items
Crockery/glasswarePlastic bags
Raw fruit and vegetablesCoat hangers
Pillows and duvetsPaint tins
VideosCrisp packets
Washing up bowlsFootballs
Ring bindersCar batteries
Food wasteEngine oil
Cling filmAshes
BasketballsScrap metal