Dog Control Orders

Dog Control Orders are now in operation throughout the district.

These orders made under the Dog Control Order (Procedure) Regulation 2006 are as follows:

1) Fouling of Land Order (district wide)

This makes it an offence to fail to pick up dog faeces if a dog, which an individual is in charge of, defecates.

2) Dogs on Leads Order (district wide)

This enables an authorised officer to request an individual in charge of a dog to put (and keep) the dog on a lead. The request will be made if such restraint is considered reasonably necessary.

3) Exclusion Order (selected areas)

This excludes dogs from the areas specified. View dog exclusion area maps >>

If prosecuted the penalty for committing an offence contained in a Dog Control Order is a maximum fine of £1,000. Alternatively, the opportunity to pay a fixed penalty of £75 may be offered in place of prosecution.

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