Q    How do I start up a mobile food business?

A    Choose a location where you wish to trade and contact the licensing team for advice on suitability.  

Q    Do I need consent to trade on private land?

A    Yes, street trading consent is required on private property (e.g. industrial estate factory car parks, retail parks etc.) and you will also need landowner permission.

Q    Will anyone from the council visit me?

   Yes, traders are subject to spot checks from Licensing Officers and inspections from Environmental Health staff members.

Q    Do I need to be a certain age to be granted a consent?

   Yes, 17 years or over.

Q    How much does it cost?

A    Current fee information can be found on the following link: Fees and Charges >>

Q    What happens if I do not pay my fees?

A    Reminders to pay are issued a month in advance but consents can be revoked for continued non-payment.

Q    If I do not comply with hygiene rules, will this affect my consent?

   Yes, you may be prosecuted under the food hygiene legislation and consent to trade may be refused or revoked.