Before viewing a property

Type of accommodation

Find out:

  • the type of property
  • how many bedrooms it has - are they single or double?
  • how many living rooms it has
  • whether it is furnished or unfurnished
  • whether it is self-contained
  • whether it is shared - and if so what facilities and rooms are shared

Rent and extras

Find out:

  • what the rent is, if you're sharing, if it's charged per room or person
  • if the landlord accepts housing benefit/universal credit - if you will receive help with your housing costs
  • if the rent includes bills
  • if the landlord provides any extras such as laundry or a cleaner

Deposit, advance rent and tenancy

Find out:

  • if you need to pay a deposit and if so how much
  • if you need to pay a month's rent in advance
  • if you'll have a written agreement

A written agreement will set out the terms of the tenancy including:

  • the date the tenancy begins
  • the length of the tenancy
  • the amount of rent payable and when it is due
  • the length of notice you and your landlord need to give if the tenancy is terminated