Ditches and Dykes

Whilst we maintain some watercourses in the district, generally they are the responsibility of the owners of land/property adjacent to them.

Where a watercourse is not privately owned, or part of what we look after, Lincolnshire County Council may maintain it. Usually these are dug expressly to drain highways. Private ditches and dykes should be looked after by the landowner. We can request maintenance work by river bank owners to ensure the free flow of water.

We maintain some dykes and watercourses but may only look after a part of the dyke, not necessarily all of it.  Basic maintenance is carried out on dykes and watercourses by cutting vegetation and removing silt on an annual basis.  Usually work is carried out once a year, and additional work may be carried out in exceptional circumstances to remove blockages that are likely to cause flooding.

The council is responsible for some of the dykes and watercourses in the following locations:


Sewer dykes

  • Aslackby
  • Aisby
  • Bourne, Edwin Gardens
  • Bourne, Manor Lane
  • Carlby
  • Fenton
  • Folkingham
  • Gelston
  • Hanthorpe, playing field
  • Gunby
  • Harlaxton
  • Oasby
  • Horbling
  • Pickworth
  • Pickworth
  • Pointon
  • Rippingale
  • Grantham, Barrowby Gate Lagoons

If you wish to pipe or fill in a watercourse you need to complete an application. If a watercourse is piped in without prior permission, we may require the dyke to be restored to prevent flooding.

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