Grass cutting, leaf clearing and weeding

General overview of our routine maintenance of communal "green" spaces, parks, playing fields, grass public open space and communal grounds within the district.

EnvironmentSK carry out our grounds maintenance services around sheltered accommodation, in communal open spaces and parks, on sports pitches, some local churchyards and cemeteries and some grass roadside verges within towns and villages.

Grass verges

The highway verges are cut by Contractors appointed by Lincolnshire County Council.  They will be cut twice during the growing season.  The first cut is in May and the second in September.  For further information please contact Lincolnshire County Council as indicated below.

Lincolnshire County Council will respond to customer enquiries regarding the reduction in grass cutting and the effects this will cause on verges.

Tel: 01522 782070


Our objectives are to maintain an environment which is pleasing and a pleasant place to live

  • we maintain hundreds of areas of public space, grass and shrub beds, communal spaces, trees , paths etc.
  • we maintain our areas to comply with any standards required by law
  • we maintain our areas mindful of our obligations to conservation
  • we provide a winter salting and snow clearance service in respect of certain footpaths and car parks
  • we carry out regular inspections of our neighbourhoods to ensure our contractors are working in accordance with the contract and delivering the service that we specify
  • we endeavour to ensure that trees on communal areas are maintained and in a safe condition

Trees located within parks, on general public spaces and within grass roadside verges

  • we survey all tree stock located on South Kesteven District Council property owned land. The survey provides the information we require to plan the future maintenance requirements of the stock
  • trees situated within grass roadside verge are the responsibility of Lincolnshire County Council

Storm damaged trees

  • if a tree situated on council land is storm damaged we will provide an emergency response to assess and if required address the risk of further damage. Either contact us direct or, in case of emergency, the police
  • if a tree situated on a grass roadside verge is storm damaged, either contact Lincolnshire County Council direct or in case of emergency, the police