Fees and charges - Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle licensing

The council is responsible for administering the issue and renewal of licences for individuals to drive and operate Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles.

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Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle licences:
Driver's licence (annual)£102.40
Driver's licence (three years)£259.55
Driver's badge (replacement)£23.80
Change to Dual licence (supplementary charge)£39.85
Annual vehicle licence:
Private Hire Vehicles£222.90
Hackney Carriage£243.10
Annual vehicle licence: (LPG/hybrid/Wheelchair vehicles 20% reduction)
Private Hire Vehicles£178.35
Hackney Carriage£194.45
Exemption from displaying Private Hire plate:
Plate replacement fee£52.20
Replacement licence certificate£18.50
Replacement bracket£14.70
Replacement internal vehicle plate£24.50
Transfer of vehicle ownership£31.95
Knowledge Test Private Hire (new application and re-test)£57.90
Knowledge Test Hackney  (new application and re-test)£94.15
Private Hire Operator Licence (five years) £157.70
Change of registration number i.e. cherished number plates£79.65
Refund daily rates for unexpired days due to replacement of vehicle:
Private Hire Vehicles£0.61
Hackney Carriage£0.67
Enchanced DBS disclosure fee£40.00


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