Sex establishment licensing

Licences are required if an establishment intends to show pictures, sell sex articles or provide sexual entertainment venues.

Please find below an application form and guidance on the applying process.

Applicants must:

  • give a copy of the application to the police at the address stated within the application form
  • give public notice of the application, in the form prescribed by the council
  • notice of the application must be given by publishing an advertisement in a local newspaper circulating in South Kesteven not later than seven days after the date of the application
  • where the application relates to premises, display a copy of the notice for 21 days beginning with the date of the application. This must be on or near the premises and in a place where the notice can be conveniently read by the public
  • provide the Licensing Officer with a copy of the site notice, the relevant page of the newspaper containing the advertisement, and a certificate confirming that the application has been publicised and served to comply with legislation

All applications and renewals, other than uncontested transfers of licence, will be referred to the Alcohol, Entertainment and Late Night Refreshment Committee for consideration.

If you wish to put forward an objection or concerns about the Grant or Renewal of these venues please send an email to or submit it in writing.  

How many sex establishments are there in South Kesteven?

There are currently two:

  • a licensed sex shop; on the A1 southbound, near Stoke Rochford
  • a sexual entertainment venue ;Taboo Gentlemens' Club, Westgate, Grantham