Street collection licence

You might need a street collection licence if you want to collect money or sell items on the street for charity.

We issue street collection permits to charities for collections in our towns and villages.  Organisations that have not had a collection in the previous year will be given priority.  We endeavour to accommodate special requirements. Please click on the button below to make your application.  

Apply for a licence

Street collections can be run in conjunction with house-to-house collections.  Whenever possible, local branches/organisations are given preference over organisations that are not based here.  The objectives of the organisation must be benevolent rather than political.

Where there are two charities proposing to collect in the same town, the collectors must contact each other to agree arrangements.  We aim to ensure no more than two different charity collections operate in the same town at the same time.

When a permit is issued, the charity/organisation must supply a returns form within 28 days of the collection showing the amounts collected and expenses incurred.