Dog breeding licence

You must have a dog breeding licence if you breed and sell dogs.

A breeding establishment is defined as any premises where the business of breeding dogs for sale is carried out.  The reference to five litters per establishment per year within the legislation is not considered a minimum threshold for requiring a licence.  An establishment breeding less than five litters would require a licence, where the dogs are bred for sale as a business.  Please refer to the Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999.

A person will be presumed to be carrying on a business where,  during any 12 month period, five or more litters are born to their bitches. This includes bitches kept:

• by any person at the premises

• by any relative of the person at the premises

• elsewhere by the person

• anywhere by the person under a breeding arrangement/contact with another person

Apply for a licence

Download our guidance document below.

Licences are renewed annually and a licence fee is paid at that time. We liaise with Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue to ensure fire precautions are adequate. It is possible that an inspection of the premises will be carried out by the Fire Officer. We also check with our development management team regarding any necessary planning permission.

The licence we issue can state a number of conditions. We add these conditions with the aim of ensuring high standards of animal care and health and safety. New establishments should meet all licence conditions as a basic standard. However, existing establishments may need to phase in improvements over an agreed time period.