Temporary Event Notices

You must get a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) no later than ten working days before the event if you wish to hold an ad-hoc event in South Kesteven. This includes the sale of alcohol, regulated entertainment or late night refreshment.

The charge for a Temporary Event Notice is £21. The fee for all TENs is non refundable, even if the event does not go ahead.

You can get up to five TENs a year. If you already have a personal licence to sell alcohol, you can be given up to 50 TENs a year

How to apply

Please see our guidance for applicants below.

To make an application, please click on the button below.

Apply for a Temporary Event Notice


Your event must:

  • have fewer than 500 people at all times - including staff running the event
  • last no more than 168 hours with a minimum of 24 hours between events

You must be at least 18 to apply for a TEN.

Licensable activity includes:

  • selling alcohol
  • serving alcohol to members of a private club
  • providing entertainment (e.g. music, dancing or indoor sporting events)
  • serving hot food or drink between 11pm and 5am

You will also need a TEN if a particular licensable activity is not included in the terms of your existing licence, e.g. holding a wedding reception at a community centre.

If the premises where the event is to be held are in areas governed by two or more local authorities, applications must be made to both.

Unless you submit an electronic application, you must also give a copy of the notice to the police and environmental protection services no later than ten working days before the event  - unless you submit a "Late Temporary Event Notice".

Late Temporary Event Notice

You can give notice of a late temporary event between five and nine working days before the first day of the event.  This system has certain limitations and, should an objection be received from the police or environmental protection, a counter notice will be issued preventing the event going ahead. There is no right of appeal against this decision.