Apply to vary your premises licence

Apply to us to make changes to your premises licence by seeking a full variation or minor variation.

The full variation application must be sent to all responsible authorities for their comments. 

You are required to advertise your full variation application in the same way that you must advertise an application for a new premises licence - for more information please see Displaying and advertising your application.

A minor variation application does not have to be sent to any other authorities. The Licensing team will, however, consult with those authorities it considers may have an interest in the nature of the application to seek views. Minor variations need only be advertised by a public notice displayed at the premises for 10 working days beginning with the day after you make the application.

If objections are raised these will be processed through the normal objections procedure - see our objecting to a licence application procedure​.

If the full variation or minor variation application is approved, a new licence is granted with new terms and conditions.

How to apply

You can apply online with GOV.UK to:

The forms will take you through your application step by step. For further information, please submit an enquiry >>