The protection of residents and existing local businesses is a central part of the Licensing Act 2003.

When an application is made for a new licence, a major variation of an existing licence or a review of a licence, local residents and businesses are free to make objections or offer support.

An objection to or support of a licence application is referred to as making a representation.

If a representation from any interested party or responsible authority has been received, the licensing authority will decide whether the representation is relevant.

If found relevant, the licensing team may arrange a mediation meeting between the relevant parties for them to try and find a reasonable compromise. If this informal process is unsuccessful, a hearing before the licensing committee will follow. All relevant parties will be notified. The licensing committee or sub-committee will make a decision and the details of that decision will be circulated to the parties concerned.

You may also wish to submit a petition against the approval of a licence application.