Local Plan up to 2036

The Local Plan is the overall Development Plan for South Kesteven, setting out our local planning policies.

We are in the process of preparing a new Local Plan to cover future growth in the district up to 2036.  The new Local Plan will set out the council's strategic vision, policies and land allocations, for meeting future needs in both housing and employment.

 The new Local Plan will:

  • Update and include new policies from the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and national Planning Practice Guidance
  • Provide for our development requirements up to 2036, in particular Identifying land in the district which is suitable for meeting housing and employment need
  • Plan positively for development, including the provision of and infrastructure community facilities
  • Identify areas for protection, such important areas for wildlife conservation and important heritage assets

The new Local Plan will eventually replace the Core Strategy, Site Allocation and Policies Development Plan Document and any remaining saved policies from the 1995 Local Plan [these now only relate to Grantham].

Engaging with local communities and businesses

Initial consultation stages

Next steps

Due to the General Election being held on June 8, the consultation for the draft Local Plan has been postponed until further notice.

Evidence base documents

In preparing the new Local Plan and  any supplementary planning documents we need to gather a range of technical background evidence to ensure a robust basis for our planning policies. We have already prepared a large amount of evidence relevant to the preparation of the new Local Plan, and new documents will be added when they become available. See Evidence Base Documents >>