Local Plan up to 2036

The Local Plan is the overall Development Plan for South Kesteven, setting out our local planning policies.

We are now preparing a new Local Plan which will cover all of South Kesteven up to 2036.  It will set out the strategic direction for sustainable development, covering housing and employment and setting out our objectives and vision.

The new Local Plan will:

  • bring together the relevant policies of the adopted Core Strategy and Site Allocation and Policies DPD and provide up to date policy coverage for Grantham
  • update and include new policies arising from the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and national Planning Practice Guidance
  • provide new development requirements for the period to 2036, in particular providing for the objectively assessed housing needs of the District

The Plan will establish the key principles which should guide the location, use and form of development.  It will also identify land for housing and employment use throughout the District.

The Plan will eventually replace the Core Strategy, Site Allocation and Policies DPD and any remaining saved policies from the 1995 Local Plan [these now only relate to Grantham].

The first stage in the preparation of the Local Plan was the issuing of a consultation paper [Regulation 18 consultation] which included a series of questions aimed at starting a discussion with the community about the content of the new plan.  The consultation document set out the key issues we have identified and how we think they may be addressed.

A Sustainability Appraisal (SA)/Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Scoping Report was published alongside the consultation paper.  

SA/SEA assesses the potential affect of policies and proposals on environmental, social and economic factors. The scoping report sets out a framework to guide the future assessment of emerging policies and proposals as the plan is prepared. 

Comments were invited on both of these documents, and the responses will be considered during the next stages of plan preparation.  Both documents can downloaded here:

pdf icon South Kesteven Local Plan Regulation 18 Consultation [1Mb]

pdf icon South Kesteven Local Plan SA-SEA Scoping Report Jan 2015 [3Mb]

In preparing the Local Plan we consult with the local community and key stakeholders [as set out in our SCI, adopted on 3rd November 2014].

Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) is a statutory document that explains how we will involve local communities and others with an interest in development in the district in the preparation of planning policy documents and planning applications.

Following consultation, the Council adopted a revised and updated version of the SCI on the 3rd November 2014.

pdf icon Statement of Community Involvement Adopted November 2014 [509kb]

pdf icon Schedule of responses to draft SCI [76kb]

pdf icon SCI Adoption Statement [258kb]

Evidence Base Documents

In preparing Development Plan and Supplementary Planning Documents we need to gather a range of evidence to ensure a robust basis for our planning policies. We have already prepared a large amount of evidence which is still relevant to the preparation of the new Local Plan. See Evidence Base Documents >>