Local Plan up to 2036

The Local Plan is the overall Development Plan for South Kesteven, setting out our local planning policies.

Proposed Submission Local Plan (Regulation 19)

South Kesteven District Council is preparing a new Local Plan for intended submission to the Secretary of State, which will cover the whole district for the period 2011- 2036. The Local Plan is now at its pre submission stage.

The Proposed Submission Local Plan sets out the strategic vision, objectives and spatial strategy for the District, as well as the planning policies which will guide future development. The Plan looks ahead to 2036 and identifies the main areas throughout South Kesteven where development should take place, along with areas of the District will be protected from change.  It establishes policies and guidance, to ensure local development is built in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. The Plan has a number of allocations in which contribute towards the deliverability of the Plan's strategic vision.

This stage is the final stage of public consultation and is known as Regulation 19. This consultation period represents your last opportunity to make comments on the Local Plan before the Council submits the document to the Secretary of State for independent examination.

Consultation on the Proposed Submission Local Plan 2011-2036 will be available for comment for6 weeks from Monday, 11th June, to 5pm Monday, 23rd July 2018.

This stage of the consultation process provides individuals, local communities, businesses and other interested stakeholders with the opportunity to comment on the policies and proposals of the proposed submission Local Plan within a specific remit.  The specific remit for this public consultation relates to the legal compliance and the tests of 'soundness' as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

South Kesteven Pre Submission Local Plan 2018


Supplementary Evidence Based Reports And Documents

How to respond

The Council strongly encourages people to submit their representation via email or post using the consultation representation form provided. 

The Representation Form is available both electronically and in paper form. 

Electronic Representation Form

For further guidance, please the FAQ document below:

Paper copies of the form can be obtained at South Kesteven Council Offices and from local libraries. (Details of which are set out in the FAQ)

Remember the deadline for all comments is 5pm, Monday, 23rd July 2018.

For further information, please:

Email the Planning Policy team at planningpolicy@southkesteven.gov.uk


Consultative Draft Local Plan Representation Summary

Engaging with local communities and businesses

Initial consultation stages

Evidence base reports and documents