Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment [SHLAA]

The SHLAA is a technical document listing sites with potential for housing development in the future.

SHLAA Update 2021

A Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) provides an audit of land that is suitable, available, and achievable for housing within the Local Planning Authorities area. 

The National Planning Policy Framework 2019 (NPPF) requires Local Planning authorities to prepare a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment in order to have a clear understanding of the development land available in their area. This is as Local Plans need to identify a supply of specific, deliverable sites for years one to five of the plan period, and specific sites or 'broad locations' for years 6 to 10 of the plan, and if possible, for years 11-15.   

South Kesteven District Council is currently preparing a SHLAA for its local planning authority area. The SHLAA 2021 will form part of the evidence base for the review of the Council's Local Plan Review which is due to be completed by 2024. The SHLAA will also update the Local Authorities previous SHLAA, which was completed in 2015

SHLAA Assessment Methodology Consultation 

South Kesteven District Council are at the start of the review process and are beginning to update key pieces of evidence, including the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA). A SHLAA provides an estimate of the amount of land that may be suitable, available and achievable for housing development over the Local Plan period. A SHLAA provides information and a high level assessment of sites, but does not allocate sites. You can find out more about SHLAAs in the government's online planning practice guidance.

Consultation Information

The consultation period for comments on the SHLAA Assessment Methodolgy Docuemnt will be between the 23rd August and the 17th of September. 

There will be a series of questions within the document regarding the various stages of the proposed SHLAA methodology process. These questions can be answered via the online questionnaire, Email or Post

Consultation Responses can be sent electronically or via post to the following;

Email -

Post - FAO Planning Policy - South Kesteven District Council Offices - St Peters Hill- Grantham - Lincolnshire-NG31 6PZ

Consultation Documents

Click here for the SHLAA Assessment Methodology Consultation Document


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