CLOSED02/05/2014 to 18/05/2014

Citizens' Panel


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All of South Kesteven


The purpose of the survey was to provide insight into the views of citizen panel members on the first twelve months of activity.

Summary of actions

We wanted to find out what they thought of the topics they had been consulted on, the feedback they had received via the newsletter and if they thought being a member had helped them to have more of a say on their local area.

232 panel members responded and the topics covered included:

  • whether they  felt  included in the decision making process
  • if they  felt they are more informed about what the council does
  • if  the surveys were easy to understand, informative and took a reasonable amount of time to complete
  • if more could be done to encourage panel members to take part in future consultations


Panel members said:

That they liked the newsletter as a means of communicating the results of the consultations but were unsure about how what they did fitted into the decision- making process.

We did: 

In the Citizens' Panel Newsletter we dedicated an area explaining how the feedback the panel gives us contributes towards, and works within, the decision making context of the council. Going forward, we are going to make sure that we inform panel members when their contributions have directly influenced the decision- making process. We will continue to use the newsletter as a means of updating our members on the results of the surveys they have completed.

Take a look at our most recent newsletter